Welcome to Ruth, Writer 



Hi, I’m Ruth.

I’m 21 years old and I’m a prospective self-publishing author in the making. As a child, my family was heavily persecuted by the government for our unusual lifestyle. I lost two brothers and was removed, along with my siblings, by social services twice. Check out my OUR STORY page to read more about what happened to me and my family.

I spent my teen years writing a memoir detailing our experiences, and I’m now in the process of writing its sequel.

Telling my story well was what inspired multiple rewrites and endless edits. I didn’t want to just tell our story – I wanted to write something epic, something revolutionary, something life-changing. Something that would climb its way into its reader’s heart and stay there.

I finished my first book the week I turned twenty.

Now, I’m learning all there is to know about self-publishing. I’m also writing the second half of my story. There’s so much to learn and I feel like I’ve only begun scraping the surface. But its a journey, and its a journey I want to share in hopes that it will inspire others.

I hope you enjoy reading what I have to say.


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