Merry Christmas + 26 Things I’m Grateful For

christmas + thankfulness.jpg

The holidays weren’t very joyous this year for my family.

Maybe they weren’t very joyous for you either. If that be the case, let’s do something, shall we? Let’s find as many things as we can think of that we are grateful for, and let’s thank God for them!

Here’s my list:

  1. Jesus – His birth, His sacrifice, His gift of grace, His love, His Holy Spirit, and His mercy
  2. My health and the health of my family members
  3. Our beautiful house
  4. Our gorgeous property
  5. The freshly cut lawn 
  6. Our mountain
  7. Electricity
  8. Running water
  9. A working washing machine
  10. A working water heater
  11. Food on the table
  12. Being able to have sushi this week
  13. Christmas cookies
  14. This song. I don’t understand most of it (it’s in Portuguese) but I cry almost every time I hear it.
  15. My brothers and sisters
  16. Pine trees
  17. My sister’s humor
  18. Homemade bread every morning
  19. My sister, who makes our bread
  20. Books
  21. Rain
  22. A working car
  23. My almost-2 year old brother + his hugs
  24. A new year 
  25. Our Christmas tree
  26. God’s love and how it fixes everything

What are you thankful for during this season?

I hope everyone is having a merry Christmas!


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