My Goals & Resolutions For 2016

goals 2016

Making goals for the new year is one of my favorite things to do. But, just like the next guy, I usually fall short when it comes time to work on them. Not this year! I’m giving this year first to the Lord, and all my dreams and desires I’m placing in His hands. He will bring about those things I long to see fulfilled, and He will give me the grace and wisdom to work towards those things He would have me do.

This year, let us dissolve all our hopes into a single hope, to know Christ and be found in Him. May this be the year to desire a radically transformed, deeper, truer, knowing [of] Christ as our all-sufficient One.

Elisabeth Elliot

These are the four areas that I want to focus on in the coming year.

  1. Growth in my relationship with the Lord 

To me, this means praying more, studying the Word more, and spending more time meditating on Him. I want Him to be at the center of my life and my hopes for the new year!

2. By His grace (and if it’s His will) self-publish my memoir

I’m praying that this is the year that our story is finally heard. I know there’s going to be a lot of work that goes into it: we’re talking translating, formatting, marketing, promoting, and launching a book – all on my own! Gah!

3. Write and complete my second book

I have a good chunk of it written already, but I need to begin writing more consistently as I did the previous year when I was completing my first book. I also need to learn how to balance writing a book and keeping up this blog (just thinking about it exhausts me, ha!)

4. Blog more often and more purposefully

For so long, I was unsure about why I was blogging and what it was I wanted to say. I believe I’ve finally discovered my approach: writing is a subject I am so passionate about. Combining that God-given passion with my passion for Jesus is something I could write about endlessly!

I will be touching on each of these goals in my upcoming posts, so keep an eye out for that. And tell me – what are your goals for 2016? 


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