So the title of my last post was adventurous on my part since I didn’t actually start posting again (which I did fully intend to do). Allow me to explain.

Soon after publishing that post, I got an email forwarded to me by a family member, saying, check this out! GoDaddy had partnered with Shaw Academy (an online school offering live courses) and was offering free classes to whoever joined within 24 hours.

I checked it out and saw right away that they were giving a course on blogging and content marketing.

I couldn’t bypass such an awesome opportunity and signed up right away!

Here’s the thing. I’m learning a lot and I’m getting some clarity on some concepts that always overwhelmed me. Naturally, I want to apply some of what I’m learning to the blog, but it doesn’t make sense to me to start overhauling things right away when I haven’t even finished the course.

So is Ruth, Writer still on? Yes and no. Blogging is on temporary hiatus but I’m here if anyone wants to reach out! Something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately is creating a little bit more of an interactive community for writers, specifically those writing memoir. It’s still a dream in the works but I’d love it if you left a comment telling me what you think about it!

Thanks for reading and God bless!

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