Pre-Publishing Checklist


I just stumbled upon this website called Curiouser Editing. (A curious title that I have no idea how to pronounce, curiously.) They’re a team that help with book development, editing, consulting, and self-publishing services.

On their blog, they’re offering a FREE Pre-Publishing Checklist PDF for authors. (Score! If you’re an aspiring author, I highly recommend checking it out.) I immediately subscribed and downloaded the ebook, and BOY, am I in for a ride.

This is going to be one of the hardest things I ever do, I can already tell. 

Just check out the table of contents for the ebook:

  1. Pre-Pre-Publishing Checklist
  2. Prepare a Promo Kit
  3. Copyright & Such
  4. Choose an Editor
  5. Find Your Target Audience
  6. Set Up Social Media
  7. Set Up an Email List
  8. Pre-Marketing Part One
  9. Research Self-Publishing Platforms
  10. Rock Your Book Cover
  11. Choose Your Publishing Platform
  12. Format Your Book
  13. Pre-Marketing Part Two
  14. Publish on Amazon
  15. Set Up Amazon Author Central Page
  16. Publish on Createspace
  17. Throw a Launch Party
  18. Promote Your Book
  19. Market Your Book
  20. One Last Thing
  21. Curiouser Editing’s Favorite Publishing Resources
  22. Notes


There’s so much that goes into this process. It’s somewhat bewildering and quite overwhelming but I plan on blogging the heck out of it along the way, so… there is that 🙂

Join me for the ride, will ya?

In my next post, I’ll blog about the first things I’m going to tackle on the list and how I’m going to go about doing them. See you then! 

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