Pre-Publishing Checklist: Domain Name, Price Quoting, & Beta Readers


I’m tackling Curiouser Editing’s Pre-Publishing Checklist, but in no particular order. Join me in my scattered-brainness.


First on my list was getting a proper domain name. It’s something I tried to do for months, but there was always something in the way. But last week it happened! 😀


I actually contacted Curiouser Editing and asked for a price quote for the tasks I would like help on: the book cover, interior design and formatting, and light editing. They asked for a copy of my manuscript in order to give me a quote, so now I have to run that by my dad (because he’s king on the protecting/copy-writing frontier and I know he wants to make sure my work is ultra-protected before sending it out to anybody).


Another concept that Curiouser Editing talks about in their checklist is having beta readers. These are people that will read your book, give you feedback, point out errors, and even serve as unofficial editors. Curiouser Editing recommends getting 20-30 of them. I’m considering Wattpad as my medium of getting those readers, because it’s a free site and the readers are there for the picking!

I’m spending the next few days with my siblings on location of their first real music video (eeeeeep!) so this week is going to be somewhat lacking in the progress frontier. But as soon as I get back, I’m going to post about the book’s translation because I think I may have had a breakthrough!

P.S. I’ll post about our filming adventure too.

In the meantime, enjoy my chickadees

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