Review of Shaw Academy’s Blogging & Content Marketing Course

Funny, insightful review of Shaw Academy's BLOGGING & CONTENT MARKETING COURSE | Click to sign up now and start developing your skills! (Courses include: Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Web Design, Photography, Career Advancement, and much more...) | missruthelias.com
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Recently, I got the opportunity to take a course on Shaw Academy, which is, currently, the largest live online educator in the world.

Shaw Academy provides skill development courses such as:

  • blogging and content marketing
  • digital marketing
  • web design
  • photography
  • graphic design
  • career advancement
  • personal nutrition
  • and so much more…

The prices are quite economical given the value of the product, but if you sign up for a lifetime membership, you have access to all the courses, always. (My sister signed up as a lifetime member and I have access to her membership since she put me down as a family member – awesomeness.)

Anyway, I think what initially sold me on the concept was the fact that Shaw Academy is based in Ireland, and I’d get to listen to a lovely Irish accent for a collective ten hours… MAJOR SELLING POINT, if you ask me.

I signed up for the “Diploma in Foundation of Blogging and Content Marketing Course” because quite obviously, I’m a blogger, and despite hours upon hours upon hours of careful research, there were still a lot of holes that needed filling in my brain. Also, the fact that I could get a diploma in it was cool.

The course lasted a total of four weeks and there were a total of ten classes. I got to pick which dates were most convenient for me. The majority of the classes were live, which meant showing up on time and tuning into the webinar was important. If you attended live, you had the chance of winning $1,000. (Yes, you read that correctly… and no, I didn’t win… UGH. I still found it really cool that they did that though. And some happy people strewn across the globe got to enjoy their winnings, so it’s all good!) A handful of the classes were On Demand, which means that you could listen to them at your own convenience.

The whole course is very interactive. They will ask for your phone number when you sign up: give it to them… don’t do what I did, which was give a phony one because they will call to check in on you, to remind you when you have an upcoming class, and to offer you support and answer any questions you may have. (I know this because they would call my sister and every time they did, “London is calling” would show up on the caller ID and do you know how incredibly cool that looks showing up on your phone? REALLY COOL.)

You are assigned a support manager. Alas, I never got the chance to speak to him personally because again, GREAT GOING WITH THE PHONY NUMBER, RUTH. He did contact me by email though so the cause wasn’t totally lost.

The course was a lot of fun. Gareth, my instructor, was definitely Irish, and not to sound redundant, but THE ACCENT. Again, the webinars are live and quite interactive (the classes are recorded, by the way, and made available to you in a timely fashion so don’t stress if you don’t catch everything – you can always listen to it again). We could send in any questions we had through the chat box and I’d say eight out of ten times, I got my question answered – whether by the staff on hand or by the instructor himself.

The course I took was for beginner and intermediate level students. It covered everything from the origins of blogging to the best platforms to use for blogging. We learned about creating content and marketing it, developing a brand, and using social media to promote your work, amongst other things. I did wish some subjects were talked about a little more in depth, but it was, after all, a foundational course and there was limited time. Another thing I’d hoped to learn was how to set up a WordPress.org website but they didn’t cover this except on a general basis. I am planning on taking the advanced course though, once it’s made available, and they are planning to create a course dedicated to the ins and outs of WordPress in the future, so that does away with my two little cons.

Assignments (quizzes) were given out every week. You could take them as often as you pleased and they helped prepare you for the final exam, which was made available at the end of the course. The final exam was 100 questions and you can’t retake it, so whatever you get the first time is your score. Upon completing the exam you receive your diploma!

QUICK TIP: if you intend on signing up for a course on Shaw Academy, be prepared to take lots of notes! You will be quizzed on certain information, especially whatever is shown to you on the slides, so pay attention and jot everything down. You’ll be glad you did later.

All in all, I think Shaw Academy is worth every penny. I could tell that my instructor really cared about his class and listening to his excitement upon hearing some of our feedback at the end of the course was adorable. The support is great. The information is current and relevant to our times. I loved the community feeling to it and being a part of something bigger than me. I felt inspired and equipped to tackle blogging again and I’m looking forward to taking more courses.

A+, you-Irish-wonderland-Shaw-Academy-you!


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