Ruth, Writer is back!

Where I’ve Been

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged here. I had a series of very difficult situations take place within my family and for that I found it necessary to take a long hiatus from blogging and whatnot. But, learning to function even in the face of difficulties is something I’m learning so I’ve decided to come back and get back to writing again!

It’s been a little over two months and like I said, I’ve had some very tough times as of late. Have had to trust in the Lord and take it day by day and believe that God would see me and my family through. I’d like to write about it a little more in depth someday but I’ve noticed something funny – it’s much easier to write about things that are already gone and past versus the things we go through in the present. Can anyone relate?

My Writing

The publishing of my memoir has been postponed indefinitely while we work through the family issues we’ve been having. It’s the tides of life and I’m trying not to fret. It will happen in God’s timing.

As of late, my writing has suffered. I write here and there but not as much as I would like. I feel like I need to sit down and read some good books or read some inspiring posts on getting back into the habit. If anyone has any recommendations, I’m all ears! I used to feel so inspired and on fire with ideas and dreams and things I wanted to put into words but lately, all I want to do is journal or write letters or not write at all.


It has been awhile since I’ve found a good blog on writing. Have you read any lately? Let me know! I usually find myself fired up with the urge to write after I’ve gotten my hands on some good literature or some contemporary pieces. I’m currently reading The Amethyst Box by Anna Katherine Green (free for Kindle) and I just finished The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde (also free for Kindle!) This was my first experience reading Oscar Wilde and I found this play hilarious and so clever. Will definitely be reading more of his work!

Updates Regarding My Blog: 

As you can see, I’ve redesigned my entire website and have removed some of my earlier posts. This blog and what I share here is something I’m constantly seeking to refine and perfect. In some ways, I feel like I’ve yet to find my stride. There is a lot that I want to say but should all of it be said here? That’s something I’m figuring out right now. In any case, I’m working on creating content that falls in line with the theme of this blog. With these changes, I’ll hopefully be able to produce a site that reflects my message and the story I’m telling.

Thanks for reading. See you here next time! 


  1. Margie

    I hope you are able to get those creative juices flowing again soon! I think it’s part-and-parcel with the life of a writer – the “muse” comes and goes. It’s true for all forms of art. Just ride it out and you’ll be on fire to write again very soon. I believe in you – you got this!! <3 Aunt Margie


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