So Let’s Get the Boring Stuff Out of the Way, Shall We?

Technically, I don’t think talking about my book should be slotted into the boring category. But bringing you all (I say “you all” to trick myself into thinking that there are actual human beings reading this) up to speed in terms of where I’m at with my memoir and when it will be published and all that good stuff could potentially be a boring subject, depending on how we go about it.

So I’m cutting to the chase:

1. My book (which I started writing at thirteen years old and then promptly rewrote about 7 billion times because I’m a nutty perfectionist) is about 98% done. I’m still working on the final chapter, which, if all goes according to plan, should be a knock-out blend of legalistic jargon, climactic style summaries, and a crazy amount of foreshadowing to really get everyone ready for the following book. (Because it’s a two-part story.) That’s the objective, anyway. Right now, it’s just five pages of unfinished sentences and weird ramblings on Communism and Karl Marx.

2. I’m in the process of getting endorsements. I had no idea what this meant up until a few months ago (I thought it had to do with financial support). Basically, it’s when people read your book before you get it published and give you a blurb on it… the goal being that you get some incredible reviews to decorate your book cover. I’ve spent the last two days sending out business emails on the subject (can you hear me squealing? I feel SO grown up right now); as posh and professional as that sounds, it’s pretty much me just contacting people that I think could be sympathetic to my cause and asking them if they would pretty please, just maybe, you know, if they felt like it, read my book and, I don’t know, tell me what they think? Using big words, of course.

3. I have still not decided if I’m going to self-publish or try to get a traditional publisher. WordPress themes, decisions that could potentially alter – on a grand scale – the outcome of my book… it’s all the same on my indecision charts. Granted, I only started to learn the tricks of the trade this past year. Up until very recently I thought publishing my book would be as simple as packing it up in a brown, paper package tied up with string and mailing it off to the Big Publishing Houses in hopes that one of them will discover my innate genius and want to work with me. (This delusion, naturally, being a result of my watching Little Women and Anne of Green Gables as a kid.) Alas, tis not so simple, my friends. Publishing a book these days is like buying a house: there are contracts and people to hire and sales pitches and all sorts of other adulty things that I’m just not prepared to take on at this point.

In the same token, I’m leaving the decision in the Lord’s hands, because I really don’t want to make the wrong choice! He’s been faithful in leading me in the little things; I know He will in the big stuff, too.

4. Another thing to check off on the to-do list? Getting my book translated to Spanish.

Note: Just after writing these words yesterday, one of my endorsers contacted me about this very subject! Yay! Things seem to be finally moving along. Excuse me while I do some poorly executed cartwheels in celebration. I’ve got this nervous-but-still-excited jittery thing kind of going on, but I’m playing it cool. Since, you know, that’s what an adult would do. 

5. There are a billion more things to do and things to think about and people to contact and decisions to be made but honestly, I had ice cream today, and I just can’t be bothered with big life decisions when my inner fat kid is this happy!

Till next time 😉



  1. Aunt Margie

    I love your writing style! Your acerbic wit, your “ain’t it fun here in my head?” sense of self… You crack me up! And make me want more 🙂


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